Empowering Individuals to lead a Healthier and Fuller Life through

Personalized Nutrition Wellness Solutions

Wellness ATP, is one of the leading one stop personalised nutrition wellness solution provider, specializing in predictive, preventive, disease managing and anti-aging services for holistic wellness with the aim to reduce modifiable risk factors for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) through the creation of health-promoting environments and people-centered nutrition wellness solution. We are the Top Startup Cohort5 Global Accelerator Program (MaGIC).

Our Vision

We aim to be leading and recognized one stop personalised nutrition wellness solution provider in Malaysia and Asia.

Our Mission

We empower people to take charge of their own health so that they lead a healthier and fuller life through holistic methods.

People are living longer, but not healthier

At Wellness ATP, we empower individuals to lead a healthier and fuller life through Personalized Nutrition Wellness Solutions. We believe that you are responsible for your own health, and we want to empower you to be able to do so.

No more generalised information provision as this alone is insufficient to effectively improve an individual’s diet and elicit positive lifestyle change. Hence, we design personalized nutrition wellness solutions with consumer-centric guidance based on personal health data gathered from advanced tests and assessments such as Nutrigenomic testing, blood lipid profile, metabolic risk assessment and more; coupled with peer support through various wellness programs to encourage emotional, social and practical support an individual needs throughout their wellness journey. We aim to build a community who proactively manages personal health by making better diet and lifestyle choices.

Why Wellness ATP?

To perform professional nutrition advice and daily coaching service

To provide personalised and scientifically proven nutrition wellness solution
To promote workplace wellness to corporates

To create healthy and happy environment for employees and clients

Meet Our Team

Danny Tan
Danny TanLife Coach
“You only die once, you live every day, make every day count”
Arison Ho
Arison HoNutritionist
“To live well is to eat well”
Ember Yap
Ember YapNutritionist
“Eat according to your genes”
Celine Tan
Celine TanDietitian
“There is no good food or bad food”
Sze Ning
Sze NingNutritionist
“Don’t eat less, eat right”