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The following programme is conducted by School of Complementary & Traditional Medicine (SCOTMED) in collaboration with University College of Yayasan Pahang (UCYP).

The programs are not a course in nutrition or dietetics per se. It comprises the management or the maintenance of one’s health through various combination of dietary / lifestyle.

The programme nurtures the ability to analyse and solve health problems as well as having the capacity to evaluate natural treatment decisions.

Why we need this?

Better understanding in evidence-based knowledge on nutritional therapy for optimal health maintenance.
To have the ability to identify causes for major chronic non-communicable disease.
Further improve your skills in improving health, regardless at home or at any healthcare industry.

Who is suitable for this programme?

Whoever is keen in preventing healthcare, wellness trainers and coaches, lifestyle coaches. Or whoever is looking forward to improve health.
Professional Certificate in Nutritional Therapy
If you have 2 working experience of any field (with a Bachelor Degree from a local or JPA recognised university), or in healthcare.
Professional Certificate in Nutritional Therapy
Professional Certificate in Nutrition Medicine
( Level I)
Professional Diploma in Nutritional Medicine
(Level II)
*Only for those who completed Level I