Looking for Nutri-balanced Meal?

Are you the one?

Knowing 80% nutrition, 20% fitness, but couldn’t fulfil the commitment of getting optimum nutrition to your health goal due to your lifestyle?
Discovering one of the reasons for most of the community having trouble achieving health goals is getting meals for health, we Wellness ATP has partnered with Homey and expanded our services from consultation to meal delivery services!
We understand it is deemed challenging to prepare healthy meals in the midst of the fast-paced society, busy schedule.

What the community
rely on nowadays



Fret not, we have a solution for you!

We customize and deliver healthy meals and therapeutic diets based on your health goals and condition across Peninsula Malaysia. Besides, in helping the community to achieve health goals, we took into consideration every aspect including what most of the clients were seeking for CONVENIENCE. With this, we do also provide customised ready to heat meal which can keep up to one month in freezer.
Corporate companies’ lunch
Healthy or therapeutic meals
Ready to heat meals

What are therapeutic meals?

A therapeutic diet is a meal plan that limit certain foods or substances from the diet. It is frequently prescribed by a doctor and designed by a nutritionist/dietitian to manage a health condition. It is modified from a regular diet and customised to match the nutritional needs of a certain person. All of the carbohydrate, protein and fats are balanced out based on the health condition.

Our therapeutic meals include:
  • Weight loss diet
  • Hypertension diet
  • High cholesterol diet
  • Diabetic diet
  • Heart healthy diet
  • Cancer fighting diet
  • Post operation diet
  • Dialysis diet
  • Gout diet